Outdoor Education Instructor

Tara Habeck is a founder and director of the Ann Arbor Forest School. She believes outdoor education is less about turning students into avid hikers or natural scientists, although that is certainly a nice outcome, but to use nature play as a means to help students develop confidence, character, curiosity, and, as such, help them become individuals who are able to relate to themselves, to each other, and to the world around them in a more meaningful and compassionate way.


  • B.A. in Psychology with minor in Spanish, University of Michigan
  • Associate Degree, Child Care Professional, Washtenaw Community College
  • Permaculture Design for Educators certificate training
  • Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach training
  • Tom Brown Tracker School training
  • Non-Violent Communication training

Ann Erlewine
Art Educator

Anne Erlewine is a professional fine artist and art educator. Anne worked as a co-lead teacher for the Nature Learning Community for two years prior to this collaboration. She taught art classes through Artworks in Big Rapids, Michigan including leading the daily art projects at a day camp in that area. She has studied ceramics for the past two years at Yourist Studio and will be exhibiting her paintings at the Ann Arbor Art Fair for the first time this year. 

She believes that practicing simple art forms at an early age are a key way to engage inner awareness skills that are essential to our lifelong sense of well being and autonomy. 

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