A Guest Post by Volunteer Barb McRae

Playing in mud 395767848

The word for the day was MUD! Because Ann Arbor schools were closed, we had additional children today. Eleven children and six adults marched out into the cold, cloudy and windy weather. We walked through Buhr Park to the back entrance of County Farm Park. From there we went off-trail into the woods and quickly found a clearing with logs to sit on for snack. Little did we know what fun was awaiting us.

Following a snack time of apples and pears, seaweed, chickpeas, and walnuts, the children found the highlight of their day: MUD! The boot-sucking kind. The majority of children could not resist stepping into the mud pit and squishing down deep. Good thing Tara made sure the kids had their overalls and boots on because mud was everywhere. I rather enjoyed getting sucked in myself and rescuing kids from the ‘quicksand.’ All in all a very good day!