“We were thrilled with the program. Mack developed tremendous independence and problem-solving skills that will serve him well in Ann Arbor Public Schools. Also, I can’t say enough about the food. Not only was I thrilled to relinquish lunch-making responsibilities, Mack was exposed to preparing and eating new and healthful foods. Every parent needs allies in that battle.” – Jeff I.

“Ann Arbor Forest School helped my child to learn empathy, self-control, and focus, and taught her to complete complex projects over the course of many days or weeks.  Now that we are homesteading, my child is able to work around tools safely, listen to instructions, and work outside in all types of weather, because Tara made all those tasks feel like a natural part of life. She has also become a better caregiver for her younger sibling after learning to respect and help other children at the Ann Arbor Forest School.” – Elizabeth P.

 “The Forest School has had an unbelievable and unimaginable impact on my son. He has become strong (mentally and physically), willing to take risks, aware of himself and others, capable of taking on complicated projects, familiar with nature (i.e., naming birds, trees, plants), kind and thoughtful, super helpful in the kitchen and interested in new foods, and a much more adventurous person all-around. Tara’s endless energy, patience, and kindness have been the epitome of a blessing for our family. I love most of all that my son has gained awareness and confidence as an individual. That is not to say that he is infallible, because the strength of his awareness and confidence has come from experiencing failure and trial-and-error. He now knows that there are solutions to every kind of problem, and that persistence will reveal the correct solution.” – Shannon M.

 “My children know how to play better, imaginative games. They observe the world better and understand their place in the world, both as part of the natural world and as people with great power to shape that world.” – Leslie L.

 “From her very first week, Hazel seemed more grounded and aware of her natural surroundings, like the world had opened up to her. It is so rare today to find a place where children can learn simplicity and self-reliance. How to just be content, without stimulation, prompting, or direction. I really appreciate the respect and quality of attention you gave each of the children, and how you give them the space to be themselves and just explore.” – Joanna M.