Good food fuels our busy days.

The snacks and lunch we serve are designed to nourish our bodies and minds. All meals are homemade and seasonal— and are centered on fresh fruits, vegetables and high-quality protein.

Making food is part of the collaborative work we do. Preschoolers help harvest greens from our front-yard garden, use the spiralizer to transform zucchini into noodles, and cut carrots.

We’re gluten-free and peanut-free. We don’t serve foods with sugar or other sweeteners.

raw carrots, celery and radishes, free-range turkey jerky or grass-fed beef jerky, pumpkin seeds, apples with almond butter

quinoa, chickpeas or black beans, wild-caught sardines, Organic Nori Seaweed & two fresh vegetables

Afternoon Snack
homemade hummus and vegetables, smoothie (coconut milk, chia seed and berries), olives, sweet potatoes, almonds and celery


I can’t say enough about the food. Not only was I thrilled to relinquish lunch-making responsibilities, Mack was exposed to preparing and eating new and healthy foods. Every parent needs allies in that battle…

Jeff, Parent